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Same Day Service

End the inconvenience of typical iPhone repair providers – bring your phone in and get it fixed in 30-40 minutes in most cases.


We fix almost all hardware issues for all iPad and iPhone devices – not sure what the issue is? Give us a call, we’d love to help!

Full Warranty

We stand behind all the service and parts we install with a comprehensive 90 day warranty. Your iPhone is safe in our hands, and we pride ourselves in guaranteeing that!

We aim to make the third party iPhone and iPad process for Jacksonville FL residents as convenient and effortless as possible. Long gone are the days of struggling with sketchy cell phone repair shops, or just being forced into upgrading to the next available and obviously more expensive iPhone model.

All our technicians are trained extensively and treat your phones like their own – no exception. We stand behind all our service and repairs with a very serious six month warranty so you can rest easy knowing your cracked or broken iPhone is in good hands.


You may be surprised to know that contrary to what Apple would like you to think, most hardware issues you’ll run into can actually be solved pretty easily. We’ve sourced high quality OEM replacement components such as batteries, home and power buttons, LCD digitizer panels, and almost all the other small parts you can possibly break. For devices like the iPhone 5 and older 4S, competition has driven down the prices to a point where it is super affordable for even the clumsiest people to replace screens for cosmetic scratches or totally smashed screens.


The second most popular repair we see through our shop everyday is people frustrated with weak or dead battery life. If you’re iPhone isn’t charging as fast, or keeping a charge for longer than a day, the easiest solution is either swapping out a battery or replacing the charging port. These are repairs that can be accomplished by our technicians usually the same day in an hour or so.


As soon as you drop your iPhone and hear that sickening crack, you know you’re going to need to be replaced and fast. Luckily that is where we come in – we’ve got tons of replacement parts in stock and several highly trained technicians on hand to deal with an increased volume of customers. Even if you aren’t sure your phone can be brought back to life, don’t hesitate to bring it into us or give us a call, we’ve revived tons of phones that came to us in really bad condition.

Apple has produced their units in such a way that the front glass and underlying touch assembly are fused together as one piece. So if you have a small cosmetic scratch, crack or your phone has been run over – the pricing is the same since the entire front display has to be fixed.


All iPhone models come with two speakers, one internal and one external.  Some users experience issues where only the external microphone works and they need to use speaker phone for all their calls, or on the other hand, only the internal speaker works and you can’t use speaker phone at all. Regardless, these are small internal components and while they are not expensive, the labour required to install them is specialized.

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